• Personal Journal and Diary App with AI Text Analysis Features

    In this case study, we will demonstrate the advantages of keeping a personal journal and diary using an AI-based text analysis app. Advanced text analysis capacities combined with GPT AI functionality can dramatically improve the ability to self-reflect and enhance a regular introspection practice.

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  • Find influential twitter accounts in a connected network

    In the world of marketing, using influencers is an old concept. Give Beyonce a shiny Gucci bag, next thing you know, her followers are handing their fists over mouth to get a piece of that bag. It is well understood that influencers with great following, can yield immense power over their followers. Finding out the most influential nodes in a network can provide great understanding about the network itself and the flow of information within that network. For eg., let’s take the case of Beondeck, a new innovation community that strives to teach and build powerful community of early stage […]

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  • Competitor Analysis Done in a Smarter Way

    Competitor due diligence is a hard topic. Especially in an industry that is extremely upcoming and is brimming with seemingly similar companies. It is not simple to identify the most relevant companies that are doing similar things. We need to use new smarter ways to filter out the important competition quickly and allow us to focus on the relevant ones.

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  • Open Call: Network Analysis Case Studies

    If you are interested in networks, graphs, data science and text analysis we invite you to take part in this open call.

    We invite you to write an article with a case study using InfraNodus network visualization and analysis tool for any task or research practice.

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  • Graph Theory: Betweenness Centrality

    One of the important measures of influence in a network is a measure of betweenness centrality. Unlike the measure of degree, which shows the number of connections a node has, betweenness centrality shows how often the node appears on the shortest path between any two randomly chosen nodes in a network. This is a great concept, which also has philosophical consequences and the ability to change the way you think about multiplicities and power dynamics that exists within. For instance, a node may have a lot of connections but if the connections are all within one group, this particular node […]

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