Text Network Analysis for Cognitive Stimulation

In this series of tutorials you will learn how to stimulate your perception and cognition using text network analysis. 

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Dmitry Paranyushkin

Course Structure

The idea that discourse is a network is not new: dispositif, rhizome, actor-network theory, semantic analysis… However, what if we go further, visualize that discourse, and start using the tools from network analysis to better understand this discourse, have a different perspective on it, enhance it, and even infiltrate it? In this course you will learn how all of that is done and you will get the concrete skills, tools, and knowledge to do that on any discourse that you desire, be it your own or somebody else’s. You will also know how to estimate the bias of discourse, compare two different discourses together, build upon the previous works, or to construct something completely new. 

Useful for researchers, students, writers, and anyone who’s curious about the formation of meaning and how we can modulate, control and play with this process.