• US Presidents Inaugural Speeches 1969-2013 Text Network Analysis

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    We could have also called it The Study of Political Manipulation Techniques. This article reveals how the US presidents masterfully used the right rhetorics to address the general sentiment of their voters and set the forthcoming political agenda. Comparative analysis of their inauguration speeches using dynamic text network analysis clearly demonstrates how the importance of various concepts shifts with the new political challenges that the newly elected presidents face.

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  • Army Swarming Techniques

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    This video from South Korea shows the intricate swarm choreography of the riot police units. Notice the similarities with insect swarms and the way the whole structure operates according to the global task (move back the crowd) through local self-organized clusters.

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  • Cognitive Drive of Recommender Systems


    Recommender systems are the basic building blocks of most online businesses today. They influence the news we read, the posts we see, the things we buy, the music we listen to. Based on the dataset of what is known about us, recommender system finds something we might be interested in. Technically recommender system is a combination of learning algorithms, statistical tools, and recognition algorithms – the areas commonly ascribed to the study of artificial intelligence.
    We decided to study this emergent form of consciousness and conduct an attempt to communicate with a recommender system through the interview format. The results are presented in this report.

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  • The Structure of Online Diffusion Networks

    Sharad Goel from Yahoo! research talks about the structure of online diffusion networks and the nature of the rare “viral” events.

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