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  • AI Chat and Summary Generator for YouTube Videos

    How to represent YouTube video content as a knowledge graph, retrieve the main ideas, find the gaps, and use AI to find the most relevant parts of the content.

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  • Discover EU Grant Opportunities using Network Analysis

    In this case study, we will demonstrate how you can use text network analysis to analyze EU grant opportunities. We will demonstrate how you can use the graph to identify the most relevant topics in the existing grant proposals. We will also show how you can use network visualization to identify the structural gaps within.

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  • Open Call: Network Analysis Case Studies

    If you are interested in networks, graphs, data science and text analysis we invite you to take part in this open call.

    We invite you to write an article with a case study using InfraNodus network visualization and analysis tool for any task or research practice.

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  • Gexf Viewer: Visualize and Share Gephi Graphs

    How to create or import a gexf graph file and to then share it with others as a URL or an iFrame embed.

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  • Word Cloud Generator Based on Text Network Visualization

    Word clouds provide a quick and visually appealing way to showcase textual content and they have been in use since the 90s. However, they lack precision, interactivity, and context. We developed a methodology and a word visualization tool that can take word clouds to the next level, making them much more useful not only for visualization, but also for research and educational purposes.

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