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  • AI Chat and Summary Generator for YouTube Videos

    How to represent YouTube video content as a knowledge graph, retrieve the main ideas, find the gaps, and use AI to find the most relevant parts of the content.

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  • GPT-3 Demo: AI Writing Assistant

    GPT-3 is an AI-based model that can be used to generate high-quality texts. In this article, we will demonstrate how GPT3 can be used as a writing assistant using InfraNodus text network analysis tool to generate better results.

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  • How to Generate Word Clouds with a Context

    Traditional word clouds lack the context. However, using the power of network analysis and visualization, you can create a word cloud that will retain all the important information about the structure of your text.

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  • Brainstorming Techniques for Writing using Text Networks

    Most brainstorming techniques have one thing in common: they are about connecting ideas. The next step is to put those ideas to writing. In this article, we will demonstrate a new approach to brainstorming using text network analysis. We will be using the InfraNodus brainstorming tool, which converts plain text into a mind map and then proposes the new connections between them.

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  • The Visual Interviewing Technique

    Based on the text variability modulation technique, we propose a technique for conducting an interview. It is implemented into our InfraNodus text network visualization tool, so you can try it out on a real conversation, a Zoom talk, or a brainstorming session.

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