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  • GPT-3 Demo: AI Writing Assistant

    GPT-3 is an AI-based model that can be used to generate high-quality texts. In this article, we will demonstrate how GPT3 can be used as a writing assistant using InfraNodus text network analysis tool to generate better results.

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  • How to Generate Word Clouds with a Context

    Traditional word clouds lack the context. However, using the power of network analysis and visualization, you can create a word cloud that will retain all the important information about the structure of your text.

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  • Brainstorming Techniques for Writing using Text Networks

    Most brainstorming techniques have one thing in common: they are about connecting ideas. The next step is to put those ideas to writing. In this article, we will demonstrate a new approach to brainstorming using text network analysis. We will be using the InfraNodus brainstorming tool, which converts plain text into a mind map and then proposes the new connections between them.

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  • The Visual Interviewing Technique

    Based on the text variability modulation technique, we propose a technique for conducting an interview. It is implemented into our InfraNodus text network visualization tool, so you can try it out on a real conversation, a Zoom talk, or a brainstorming session.

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  • Visualize Connections between Your Notes with Roam Research and InfraNodus

    Learn how you can use text network analysis and visualization to get an overview of your Roam Research notes and to generate new ideas from them

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