• AI Writing Tool: GPT-3 Text Generator of Research Questions

    Many AI writing assistants today are focused on generating the text that provides the answers. What if we used the AI to generate questions? In this case, it would not think for us, but with us. Helping us discover new perspectives and ways of seeing things.

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  • Brainstorming Techniques for Writing using Text Networks

    Most brainstorming techniques have one thing in common: they are about connecting ideas. The next step is to put those ideas to writing. In this article, we will demonstrate a new approach to brainstorming using text network analysis. We will be using the InfraNodus brainstorming tool, which converts plain text into a mind map and then proposes the new connections between them.

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  • Build Rhizomatic Mind Maps from Text using Network Analysis

    In this case study we demonstrate how you can build mind maps from text in a truly rhizomatic way and much faster than with the standard mind mapping tools. You can start writing and let your ideas flow. InfraNodus will visualize them for you and identify the patterns and the gaps within them, so you can develop your discourse further.

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