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  • Conference Talks Content Profiling Using Text Network Analysis

    Connected topical clusters - text network analysis

    In this case study we demonstrate how text network analysis can be used to identify the main topical threads of a conference that consists of several talks. We also show how it can be used to identify how closely those talks are related as well as to suggest collaborations between the speakers or relevant thematic threads for the audience.

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  • How to Connect your Ideas and Research Notes

    Art piece by Esther Stocker

    How to use network graphs to connect all the disjointed bits and pieces of information, ideas, and research notes into something that’s coherent and makes sense.

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  • How to Write an Essay: Inspiration and Text Network Visualization

    writing an essay

    How to get inspiration and new ideas for writing an essay using network analysis and then to put it all together into a coherent narrative.

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  • Visualizing Amazon Kindle Highlights


    Visualize your Amazon Kindle book highlights as a network to see the main topics, threads, and keywords inside.

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  • Putin’s 2014 Address to Federal Assembly Text Network Analysis


    Every year in December Vladimir Putin addresses the Russian Federal Assembly. His address is considered to be a good indicator of the current political mood in the country. Putin’s 2014 speech is especially interesting, because it concerns not only Russia but the whole world. We at Nodus Labs together with Way to Russai analyzed Vladimir Putin’s address made on the 4th of December 2014 using text network analysis and below we present a report on what we discovered. We also made a comparison of the 2014 speech to the 6 speeches before from the years 2008-2013 to see how presidential rhetorics evolved over time.

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