• “The Game” and Social Dynamics of Pick-Up Artists

    Basic principles of network operation can be successfully used for establishing a new kind of ethics for social encounters. We look at the social dynamics modulated through so-called “Game” utilized by pick-up artists and abstract this approach to learn interesting new behaviors for activating intersubjective relations.

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  • 8OS – Body/Mind Operating System

    Proposition for the new body/mind operating system based on variability, fluid dynamics, and the embodied understanding of a metaphor.

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  • 27/06/2013 / Using the Framework of Networks to Enhance Learning and Social Interactions

    This session was presented at ComplexNetworks Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris VI University. We focused on demonstrating the benefits of merging scientific research, social experiments and artistic practice in order to let ideas across the different fields mix and stimulate new social behaviors and produce interesting research questions to explore. In this talk we outlined the general approach and research questions currently relevant to us at Nodus Labs and presented the research, case studies, and tools that were created as a result of this approach at our organization.

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  • How Humans Synchronize their Behavior

    Latest findings show that synchronization is an integral part of human behavior, and its purpose might be to reduce the cognitive load and ease interaction within groups.

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  • Embodying Social Networks Workshop

    Networks are everywhere and yet it’s still a very abstract concept. Together with our colleagues from Transnomia Institute we put together a special workshop that offers a very tangible experience of networks to the participants. As a result, they get intuitive and embodied knowledge of various network structures and learn to extend their social skills beyond the common patterns and codes of behavior.

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