Fractal Move

  • Fractal Move Tracker: Stimulate Physical Variability

    Fractal Move is a movement tracker that stimulates variability.

    Based on our research together with EightOS, we developed this tool to encourage adaptive and resilient physical movement that follows the ecological variability framework. Learn more about the science behind on the EightOS website.

    Available for FitBit Versa 3 and Sense (as well as for the older versions of FitBit), both as an app and a watch clock face. Coming soon for Apple Watch and other wearables and motion tracking sensors as well.

    FitBit movement tracking device

  • Try Fractal Move


    Contact Us for a Beta Trial

    Currently, Fractal Move app and clock face are pending approval in the FitBit store. If you’d like to try it before, contact us to get a download link directly to your phone.

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