• Knowledge Base Text Analysis with NLP

    Content analysis using the latest NLP tools can help optimize a customer support portal or a knowledge base — making it more relevant, better structured, and optimizing it for search engines as well.

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  • How to Improve ChatGPT Generated Text

    Everyone is talking about the new AI text generator ChatGPT. However, as the hype subsided, many people started to notice that it produced generic, synthetic content. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can improve the content generated by ChatGPT using GPT-3 in combination with structural insights about the text provided by InfraNodus software.

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  • Network Thinking and Mindmapping for Ideation and Brainstorming

    How to enhance your group ideation and brainstorming workflows using network analysis and mindmapping. Learn how to synthesize important ideas without losing the nuance.

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  • Ecological Thinking Framework

    We present a schema and an algorithm to promote ecological thinking. It is based on alternating between focus and exploration, zooming in and zooming out. An increased level of variability in thinking also makes it more diverse and, thus, adaptable, robust, and resilient.

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  • How to Generate Mind Maps from Text with GPT3 AI

    Most mind mapping tools have a cold start problem, which can be overcome using a GPT3 AI text generator. We can then visualize the ideas as a text network and use the insights from graph theory to analyze the relations and reveal the main topics and structural gaps within

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