• Open Call: Network Analysis Case Studies

    If you are interested in networks, graphs, data science and text analysis we invite you to take part in this open call.

    We invite you to write an article with a case study using InfraNodus network visualization and analysis tool for any task or research practice.

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  • How to Boost Your Mind Viral Immunity

    In our increasingly interconnected world the notion of mind viral immunity becomes very important. It is already difficult enough to deal with the multitude of inputs coming at us from every direction. What happens when their number increases exponentially? How can we protect ourselves from everything being available at any moment of time? Network epidemiology frameworks can help. Diversity is the key.

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  • Graph Theory: Betweenness Centrality

    One of the important measures of influence in a network is a measure of betweenness centrality. Unlike the measure of degree, which shows the number of connections a node has, betweenness centrality shows how often the node appears on the shortest path between any two randomly chosen nodes in a network. This is a great concept, which also has philosophical consequences and the ability to change the way you think about multiplicities and power dynamics that exists within. For instance, a node may have a lot of connections but if the connections are all within one group, this particular node […]

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  • Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequences as a Network Graph

    Teams of researchers around the world are racing to understand the Coronavirus genome and to decode its functions. We used InfraNodus text network analysis and visualization tool to represent the RNA sequence of Coronavirus as a network graph.

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  • Sentiment Analysis using Text Networks

    How to improve sentiment analysis using text network visualization that helps you see not only the most prominent topics but also the correlations between the responses of customers. Using the example of online surveys and Twitter data.

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