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  • The Divination Network of Tarot

    Tarot is a deck of cards used since the 15th century to play various games as well as for divination purposes. We at Nodus Labs studied the structure of various Tarot decks, treating the cards as the nodes and relations between them as edges, building a graph of relations between the cards that are invariant across various Tarot decks. We discovered that the structure of the resulting graph has a very specific community structure, which makes Tarot a very efficient tool for telling narratives. We are currently working on practical implementations of this study.

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  • US Presidents Inaugural Speeches 1969-2013 Text Network Analysis

    We could have also called it The Study of Political Manipulation Techniques. This article reveals how the US presidents masterfully used the right rhetorics to address the general sentiment of their voters and set the forthcoming political agenda. Comparative analysis of their inauguration speeches using dynamic text network analysis clearly demonstrates how the importance of various concepts shifts with the new political challenges that the newly elected presidents face.

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  • Text Network Hamlet Reading

    We visualized Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” as a text network and then read it again using Alexis Jacomy’s GexfWalker. Whether it is a new reading of Shakespeare’s classic or a bunch of unrelated words is for you to decide, but at least it allows for polysingularity of text to be expressed more fully through following the word relations while staying loyal to the text’s original structure.

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  • Polysingularity of Text Expressions

    Italo Calvino once said that “writing is essentially a combinatorial exercise” and that “reading is a way of exercising the potentialities contained in the system of signs”. We propose a new way of reading using text network visuaization. It goes beyond the normal sequential organization of textual material and instead offers the reader to navigate through polysingularity of meanings present within the text. Created using Alexis Jacomy’s GexfWalker and Gephi software.

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  • Text Atlas Project

    We are happy to announce our new Text Atlas project. It is now available as a blog on Tumblr and will later be published as a book and presented in exhibition format.

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