• Find influential twitter accounts in a connected network

    In the world of marketing, using influencers is an old concept. Give Beyonce a shiny Gucci bag, next thing you know, her followers are handing their fists over mouth to get a piece of that bag. It is well understood that influencers with great following, can yield immense power over their followers. Finding out the most influential nodes in a network can provide great understanding about the network itself and the flow of information within that network. For eg., let’s take the case of Beondeck, a new innovation community that strives to teach and build powerful community of early stage […]

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  • Competitor Analysis Done in a Smarter Way

    Competitor due diligence is a hard topic. Especially in an industry that is extremely upcoming and is brimming with seemingly similar companies. It is not simple to identify the most relevant companies that are doing similar things. We need to use new smarter ways to filter out the important competition quickly and allow us to focus on the relevant ones.

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