• How to Measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) using Fractals

    fractal vs complex DFA chart

    Heart rate variability is one of the most important health markers. However, most fitness trackers are not yielding the full picture.

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  • AI Tools for Writing

    There are hundreds of AI tools for writing and they offer a wide range of functionalities. In order to better understand the landscape of artificial intelligence apps for text available today, we decided to analyze them using InfraNodus.

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  • How to Increase the Duration of Deep Sleep with Daily Activities

    Deep sleep or slow wave sleep is well-known to be beneficial for mental and physical well-being. In this case study, we use InfraNodus text analysis tool to conduct a review of scientific literature on deep sleep to discover the factors that increase its duration. We put particular emphasis on behavioral changes that can be implemented in everyday life.

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  • Personal Journal and Diary App with AI Text Analysis Features

    In this case study, we will demonstrate the advantages of keeping a personal journal and diary using an AI-based text analysis app. Advanced text analysis capacities combined with GPT AI functionality can dramatically improve the ability to self-reflect and enhance a regular introspection practice.

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  • Using AI for Introspection and Psychology of Self

    The most common use of AI models today is to generate text, however, these models have a huge potential to be used for introspection and the psychology of self. In this article, we will show how you can harness the power of data science to analyze your own thinking and then use AI to generate insights that can help you enhance your ideas and get a deeper understanding of yourself. This approach can be used both for professional and personal purposes: from developing your discourse on a certain topic to the psychology of self.

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