• Using AI for Introspection and Psychology of Self

    The most common use of AI models today is to generate text, however, these models have a huge potential to be used for introspection and the psychology of self. In this article, we will show how you can harness the power of data science to analyze your own thinking and then use AI to generate insights that can help you enhance your ideas and get a deeper understanding of yourself. This approach can be used both for professional and personal purposes: from developing your discourse on a certain topic to the psychology of self.

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  • Competitive Intelligence and Market Research with GPT-3 AI and Networks

    AI to better understand your competition and customers. You can apply this methodology to your own data using the InfraNodus Marketing Research app.

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  • How to Improve ChatGPT Generated Text

    Everyone is talking about the new AI text generator ChatGPT. However, as the hype subsided, many people started to notice that it produced generic, synthetic content. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can improve the content generated by ChatGPT using GPT-3 in combination with structural insights about the text provided by InfraNodus software.

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  • Network Thinking and Mindmapping for Ideation and Brainstorming

    How to enhance your group ideation and brainstorming workflows using network analysis and mindmapping. Learn how to synthesize important ideas without losing the nuance.

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  • Ecological Thinking Framework

    We present a schema and an algorithm to promote ecological thinking. It is based on alternating between focus and exploration, zooming in and zooming out. An increased level of variability in thinking also makes it more diverse and, thus, adaptable, robust, and resilient.

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