Polysingularity Blog

Our new polysingularity blog is online. Polysingularity is an umbrella term for everything that expresses itself in its multiplicity and yet remains isolated in its specificity. It’s a sci-fi action that’s directed inwards, counteracting hyperconnectivity and technological singularity through dysfunctionally dynamic propositions.
Polysingularity as a concept can be explained through the framework of networks. A node can belong simultaneously to several multiplicities. Depending on its topology the node’s behavior and appearance may change. It may be part of periphery in one network, play a central role in another, and roam aimlessly next to the other. The behavior and appearance of such node will depend on its position in relation to other nodes. Therefore in order to understand something in its dynamic complexity we have to take into account all the possible connectivities that may exist. As this is not really possible, we to admit that the furthest we can go is to make multiple representations of multiple possible states, vague geometrical constructs that will position the node in relation to others. And as time is what prevents everything from happening at once, each moment we would only see one of these constructs, only one single connectivity. It would therefore reveal itself to our imagination and belief through the life force that’s intrinsically connected to perception and here is where humans and aesthetics come into play. This blog is the first step in this process: to collect auditory-visual material that is genuinely polysingular. You are welcome to send your propositions.

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