• Influence Dynamics in Social Networks

    The framework of networks can be very useful when thinking about social dynamics. The people are represented as the nodes and their interactions are the connections between them. Using this model we demonstrate how someone can become influential in a social context in just a few not very obvious steps.

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  • Learning to Prioritize from Brain Networks

    A newly published research in the Vol 16, Issue 4 of Trends in Cognitive Sciences Journal titled “An oscillatory mechanism for prioritizing salient unattended stimuli” proposes an interesting mechanism of prioritizing important impulses employed in the human brain. It does not only offer a fresh point of view on how important synchronized brain-wave activity is for performing complex cognitive tasks, but also can show us the possible organizational structures that could be used to better detect a change in environment and provide fast responses to it.

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  • Network States and Variability of Behavior

    A very interesting paper by Fontanini & Katz (2008) published in Neurophysiology journal proposes a model that shows how similar sensory stimuli can elicit different responses in the same organism.

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  • Venture Fiction

    Venture fiction is a practice of creating enterprises in order to communicate ideas and not the other way round. It uses the framework of network analysis to conceive of itself and its interactions with the real. Each iteration is a shift from one node to another within a dynamic network, which has capabilities to produce both wandering movement and oscillating multidimensional patterns. Each venture is a strange attractor among many and it is the fiction that propels the entrepreneur to travel between them and to create the new ones.

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  • Pluto Bleibt Campaign

    An ongoing research into the nature of protest movement, reclaiming the space, and belief in believing.

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