• SEO Tutorial: Keyword Visualization for Search Engine Optimization

    In this article we demonstrate how you can visualize Google search results as a network of interrelated terms to identify the most relevant groups of keywords.

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  • Embodying Social Networks Workshop

    Networks are everywhere and yet it’s still a very abstract concept. Together with our colleagues from Transnomia Institute we put together a special workshop that offers a very tangible experience of networks to the participants. As a result, they get intuitive and embodied knowledge of various network structures and learn to extend their social skills beyond the common patterns and codes of behavior.

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  • Venture Fiction

    Venture fiction is a practice of creating enterprises in order to communicate ideas and not the other way round. It uses the framework of network analysis to conceive of itself and its interactions with the real. Each iteration is a shift from one node to another within a dynamic network, which has capabilities to produce both wandering movement and oscillating multidimensional patterns. Each venture is a strange attractor among many and it is the fiction that propels the entrepreneur to travel between them and to create the new ones.

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