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  • Try Fractal Beat Generator

      You can try Fractal Beat Generator online using the link We also offer a standalone version that can be installed on a Mac or a PC for beta testing. Please, contact us if you’re interested. Contact Us for a Beta Trial

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  • Fractal Beat: MIDI Sequencer

    Fractal Rhythm is a visual, sonic, and data sequencer. It produces 4 types of variability, which is then sent to the user via MIDI (to activate other devices, change CV, or play MIDI notes), as a visualization or for light (to be projected), and as a data stream. You can then use this to introduce fractal dynamics into your projects. The default mode produces a fast-paced irregular but consistent (fractal) beat / note pattern, which is self-similar across different scales. It can be used to create a melody or rhythm. You can leave it running on repeat or use it […]

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