Artificial Intelligence & GPT

  • AI Chat and Summary Generator for YouTube Videos

    How to represent YouTube video content as a knowledge graph, retrieve the main ideas, find the gaps, and use AI to find the most relevant parts of the content.

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  • AI Tools for Writing

    There are hundreds of AI tools for writing and they offer a wide range of functionalities. In order to better understand the landscape of artificial intelligence apps for text available today, we decided to analyze them using InfraNodus.

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  • How to Improve ChatGPT Generated Text

    Everyone is talking about the new AI text generator ChatGPT. However, as the hype subsided, many people started to notice that it produced generic, synthetic content. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can improve the content generated by ChatGPT using GPT-3 in combination with structural insights about the text provided by InfraNodus software.

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