Knowledge Graphs

  • Prominent Philosophers

    This is a graph of the most prominent philosophers. We derived it by analyzing Google Knowledge Graph, so it shows what philosophers people tend to search for together more often.

    For example, Michel Foucault is often searched with Gilles Deleuze, but not as many people search for Foucault and Kant together. However, Kant is often searched with Nietsche, Bergson and Heidegger.

    There is another cluster of more contemporary philosophers at the NW of the graph: Quentin Meillassoux, Graham Harman, Reza Negaretani and Bruno Latour – who tend to be searched for in the same context more often.

    This graph can be used to explore different movements of philosophical thought and how they connect together in clusters.

    You can also use it to identify structural gaps and find new possible interesting connections (e.g. Derrida to Bergson? or Lacan to Husserl?) and novel ideas.

    If you select one philosopher on the graph and click >> you will be taken to their Wikipedia page to learn more about them.

    If you select a few of them on the graph, the >> button will take you to the Google search that will try to find when those philosophers you selected appear in the same context – a much more focused and precise way of looking!

    You can also view this graph directly on InfraNodus

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