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  • Keyword Finder Tools for SEO

    One of the main tasks in search engine optimization is to find the right keywords: the terms and search phrases people use to find the content.

    There are many tools online that are especially designed for this task. Most of them offer keyword analytics to help you find the most relevant terms. Some others allow the extraction of relevant keywords from the existing content pages.

    We have already demonstrated how text network analysis can be used for seo optimization. In this showcase made using network visualization tool InfraNodus we share the most interesting keyword generator tools we could find. Click on the functions you’re interested in to see all the tools that support them.

    Our favorite one is SEMRush as it offers most functionality at a very competitive price. Another interesting option is Mangools SEO tools, which a lower price than SEMRush but less functionality. If you are looking for keyword generator beyond Google, you can try Wordtracker (cheapest) and Keyword Tool — both have several data sources and may be interesting if you want to generate the most relevant keywords for social media and e-commerce websites. For a slightly different approach you can use InfraNodus to generate keyword visualizations and find the new interesting keywords this way.

    Try InfraNodus Text Network Visualization Tool developed by Nodus Labs. You can use it to make sense of disjointed bits and pieces of information, get visual summaries for text documents, and generate insight for your research process:

    We have also added our very own Keyword Graph tool mainly because it is different from any other SEO tool as it offers visual keyword research functionality. You can see the gaps between what people search for and what they actually find and use easy-to-follow visualizations to better understand your market niche.

    Most of the keyword search tools have a free option but with a very limited functionality.


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