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  • Contemporary Artists and Galleries

    This is a graph of selected modern and contemporary artists and the galleries that represent them. It’s not an objective representation of the contemporary art world, rather, a very small and subjective snapshot of it, which can be used as a storytelling device – just start from the artist / gallery that you already know and follow the threads to discover something new.

    Click the name you’re interested in and then click >> to view the artist’s work. If you select a few artists and click >> the system will search any web pages where they both are mentioned.

    Artists featured are Harun Farocki, Ryan Trecartin, AES Group, Gianni Colombo, James Turrell, Yuri Ancarani, Ed Atkins, Wayne McGregor and others.

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    Galleries featured are Matthew Marks Gallery (NY), Greene Naftali Gallery (NY), Triumph Gallery (Moscow), Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie (Berlin), KW Berlin, Galerie Marian Goodman (Paris), Almine Rech Gallery (Paris).

    You can also view the graph directly on InfraNodus

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