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    A free open-source online tool that helps you remember, learn, and discover.

    Visualize your texts, notes, and thoughts as a graph to have a better overview of ideas and to find inspiration.

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  • Courses and Experiments

    Online and onsite courses, workshops, and (non)scientific experiments.

    Learn how network thinking can augment social interactions, help understand large sets of data, and lead to the new discoveries and novel behaviors.

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  • Research and Consulting

    We perform research and field studies in cognitive reconfiguration practices, interfaces, and methodologies.

    We propose the notions of metastability and polysingularity to introduce dynamic variability in social networks and cognitive practices.

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  • Exploring Society and Cognition through Networks

    Nodus Labs is a Special Agency that produces research, runs courses, and creates open-source software to augment intelligence, bring on discoveries, and to shift from rational to divinatory.
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  • Shared Network Graphs

  • Research

    • Jeremy-Hutchison-Objectless-Expansion-2014

      Divinatory Recommender Systems: between Similarity and Serendipity

      Recommender systems are the algorithms that determine what content we read, which products we buy, which movies we watch. However, most of them are based on similarity and lock us into "filter bubble" where we see only what we expect. In this article we discuss how to bring in more serendipity into the algorithms.…

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    • network-in-space

      Knowledge Graphs: The New Type of Document for the 21st Century

      Excel was a revolutionary product for the time, but in the 21st century columns and rows are not sufficient anymore. What matters today are multidimensional relations between data, which combine a better view of the bigger picture with an attention to detail: networks and graphs.…

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    • infrastructure

      From Cognitive Interfaces to Transcendental Protocols

      Anything can be an interface, as long as it is in between and as everything is in between, everything is an interface. Interfaces create affordances or possibilities for action. They affect our perception and cognition. How can the interfaces with such transformative potential be designed? Moreover, if interface create a set of actions, what if we go beyond the notion of interfaces and think in terms of the protocols? Not the kind of protocols that say to do this and not to do that. The kind of protocols that transcend reality, that lie in the realm of practices, such as meditation, artistic practices, version-control systems, BitCoin, chaotic itinerancy, and other polysingular approaches.…

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    • thisislike-3

      InfraNodus tool can be a very useful companion for research. You can put all your notes and research excerpts in there and the resulting graph will show you the most prominent topics and terms and the connections between them.

      Dmitry Paranyushkin, Special Agent with Nodus Labs
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