Social Network Analysis

We can demonstrate the strategies for maintaining sustainable and vibrant communities, create successful communication campaigns, and show you how the framework of network analysis can be applied in social situations.

We start from analysing the social network or the community that you are interested in, be it your Facebook “friends”, business clients, or a certain “scene” you are curious about.

You will get from us a high-resolution visualisation of the community we are analysing (like the image above, but with the titles), as well as the following information:

  • The most influential members within the community;
  • The various groups the community is comprised of;
  • The groups that could benefit from being more connected to the community;
  • Strategies for efficient communication within the community;
  • Strategies for fostering healthy ties within the community;
  • Points of access within the community (or how to reach the majority with the least effort);
  • Possible development scenarios for the community;

We perform our analysis using a range of social network metrics and various software tools, such as ThisIsLike.Com and Gephi among others.

Try InfraNodus Text Network Visualization Tool developed by Nodus Labs. You can use it to make sense of disjointed bits and pieces of information, get visual summaries for text documents, and generate insight for your research process:

If you’re interested in this service, please, contact us over the e-mail and tell us what your needs are.


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