Network Graph Oracles

  • russian-literature-comparative-graph

    Russian Writers

    If you don't know anything about Russian literature it may be hard to know where to start. That's why we created this graph, which you can use as a starting point for your exploration. …

  • contemporary-artists-galleries-graph

    Contemporary Artists and Galleries

    The graph of selected contemporary artists and galleries from around the world.…

  • graph-network-venture-funds-accelrators-startups

    Accelerators and Venture Funds

    This graph of accelerators, venture funds and some startups – how they all connect.…

  • graph-philosophers-derrida-deleuze-foucault-lacan-agamben

    Prominent Philosophers

    This is a graph of the most prominent philosophers. We derived it by analyzing Google Knowledge Graph, so it shows what philosophers people tend to search for together more often. …

  • graph-electronic-music-labels-network

    Electronic Music Labels

    This is a graph of the most interesting electronic music labels working in the field of techno, leftfield, house, experimental and noise electronics. …

  • hitech-companies-network-graph

    HiTech Companies

    This is a network graph of the main hitech companies and their relations to one another. The data was manually derived from Google Knowledge Graph, so it reflects which companies people search for together. …

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