Nodus Labs has created several state-of-the-art algorithms for text network analysis and visualization that provide novel ways of reading, processing, and understanding textual data. Our approaches are used by many researchers and SMM/SEO/marketing specialists worldwide (see citations on Google scholar) as well as in data-processing applications (via APIs, SaS and custom-designed applications).

We offer software tools (such as the free open-source InfraNodus web-based text network analysis and visualization desktop / mobile app) as well as custom-designed solutions for individuals, enterprises and universities that are interested to try our method for text network analysis in action. Please, contact us and we will get back to you.



Some case studies, so you can see our approach in action:







Feel free to contact us or simply try out our free open-source InfraNodus (for short texts, ideas, notes and Tweets) tool or Textexture (for longer texts), which have all the functionality built in for you to start exploring text network analysis.