• Pluto Bleibt Campaign

    An ongoing research into the nature of protest movement, reclaiming the space, and belief in believing.

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  • Network Analysis of Russian Protest Groups on Facebook using Gephi and Netvizz

    In this post we will demonstrate how one can analyze any Facebook group or profile using a combination of freely available tools. We will take as an example the recent Russian protest movement against rigged elections. Recently there have been many groups popping up on Facebook bringing people together around certain goals and tasks of the movement: self-organized activist groups producing promo materials, singing petition against Vladimir Putin, organizing demonstration for fair elections in Berlin, Germany.

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  • Polysingularity Blog

    Our new polysingularity blog is online. Polysingularity is an umbrella term for everything that expresses itself in its multiplicity and yet remains isolated in its specificity. It’s a sci-fi action that’s directed inwards, counteracting hyperconnectivity and technological singularity through dysfunctionally dynamic propositions.

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  • Nodus Labs at SI

    Dmitry Paranyushkin of Nodus Labs was invited to take part in SI residency in Gent, Belgium in August 2010. SI was a two-week project where 8 artists came together to expand and exchange their individual practices within a group context.

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