PHP / Javascript / Neo4J Programmer Needed!

Job Description:
Programmer / Web Developer

– head of development

excellent knowledge and work experience with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, memcached, Facebook API, YouTube API, *nix
excellent knowledge and experience with Java development and Neo4J (graph databases)
experience developing web platforms and services with a high usage load
experience developing internal and external APIs
basic knowledge in the field of network analysis, ability to implement algorithms to discover the shortest path in graph, community detection, various graph metrics
interest in the field of data visualization
knowledge of the basic principles in interface design
a good understanding of design, good taste
preferably – some knowledge of graph visualization / analysis tools like Gephi and Pajek
preferably – having public projects on github
preferably – experience processing large text corpus data
good knowledge of English

project-based work
remote employment with a small team of 3 people based in Moscow (business development) and Paris (research and design).
your physical location is not important
we will be giving you clear technical requirements
availability 5 days a week, 6-8 hours per day
daily interaction (via Skype or in person) for moral support, discussing the ideas and tasks

Try InfraNodus Text Network Visualization Tool developed by Nodus Labs. You can use it to make sense of disjointed bits and pieces of information, get visual summaries for text documents, and generate insight for your research process:

there is an already existing prototype of an instrument for text network analysis and visualization – we need to add some extra features in it and improve the existing algorithms (mainly the speed of search). this will allow one to better understand the already existing script, written in PHP, Javascript, Gephi Java Toolkit and MySQL.
the next step is to rewrite the whole product using a combination of Java and Neo4J, creating the new technological core for the product
subsequent work will be done in the direction of improving the algorithms and the interface
we will also be creating an iOS version of the product based on the platform, so an external API will need to be developed.

About the project:
- The platform allows one to find the main topics and relations within textual data. The interface can be used for a different, non-linear, way of reading. It’s designed to improve text comprehension levels and increase the reading speed, especially for non-fiction, law and technical texts –
The service is created for the global audience of researchers, journalists, students, as well as companies and MOOCs, that need to process large corpus of text data
The project is based on unique IP.
The company developing the project is part of Gephi consortium – the organization dedicated to popularizing network analysis and visualization ( ). That means you will collaborate with researchers and developers from this field in France and all over the world.

To contact:
Send your CV to telling us about the projects you’ve done before and a link to your GitHub account.
If we like your CV, we’ll schedule a Skype (or personal) appointment, will tell you about the project a bit more, hear each others’ ideas, and make the final decision.

Thank you!

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