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  • Electronic Music Labels

    This is a graph of the most interesting electronic music labels working in the field of techno, leftfield, house, experimental and noise electronics.

    We started making it from a few artists we like, adding the labels they were on. We would connect the labels if they released the artist we like or if they collaborated in general. Therefore, clusters of artists and labels who tend to collaborate more often than with others are formed on the graph. The bigger nodes are the labels that are the most well connected to the other labels in this graph.

    As it can be seen, there’s cluster of labels that belong together, like Opal Tapes, Editions Mego, Raster Noton and Touch Music.

    Another cluster is Delsin Records, Fachwerk Records, Berceuse Heroique and others.

    Then there’s the third cluster next to B-Pitch, Hemlock Recordings and 50 Weapons.

    This gives a general idea about the variety.

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    The interesting part of the graph are the gaps between those clusters, where you normally find the more interesting artists and labels – such as Black Acre, for instance, or Op Disc.

    You can explore the graph by clicking on the nodes and reading descriptions. You can also use the >> button to open the label’s or the artist’s page in Soundcloud. If you select a few nodes in the graph, >> button will open a Google search to show you the contexts where those nodes (Labels, Artists) appear together.

    Created in Berlin for LoveFabrik by Colin Johnco and Dmitry Paranyushkin

    You can also view the graph directly on InfraNodus.

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