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  • Keyword Graph

    Keyword Graph is a powerful network analysis tool that can quickly identify the most interesting niche in any market.

    It works by identifying the gap between what people search for and what they actually find, so you can target your efforts on that unfulfilled demand and get a competitive advantage.

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  • Visualize the Most Influential Keywords and Topics

    Keyword Graph can visualize the most influential keywords and topics, so you can learn what people are searching for.

    Just enter a search query and it will create two graphs:

    1. A graph of Google’s top search result for your query, showing you the main terms and are present in the search results and how they are related, so you can quickly learn the context (the supply)
    2. A graph of the search queries that people tend to use with your original one, so you better understand what people are looking for (the demand)

    These two graphs will give you a very good understanding of the current discourse around your topic of interest.

    Keyword Graph will also provide you the insight about the gaps in the discourse, so you can create better content or advertisement campaigns.

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  • Find the Gap between the Demand and Supply

    The most powerful feature of Keyword Graph is the ability to find the gap between the demand and supply.

    It creates a substraction of two graphs: the graph of the search queries used in conjunction with the one you added and the Google search results for that query.

    The result is the graph that contains the terms that people search for but cannot find. Not only that, but it also shows you these terms in context: so you can identify which groups of keywords to use to identify the right target niche for your market.

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