Social Network Analysis Workshop

In this workshop conducted by Dmitry Paranyushkin from Nodus Labs hosted at Berlin’s most important co-working hub betahaus, we will demonstrate how one can visualize and analyze a social network or a community (using an example from Facebook selected by the participants). We will find out how to identify the most influential nodes within a network, various subgroups within a community, and the most efficient communication strategies to spread information within a group.
We will also discuss what behavior within the network fosters stronger ties between the members and a more sustainable community.
We will use free open-source Gephi software for this demonstration, so it’s highly recommended to download and install it before the session from

This event will also be first event of the Gephi Meetup Group in Berlin and we can move to betahaus cafe after to discuss further questions after the workshop.

8 September 2011, Thursday, 17.30 to 19.30, free access
betahaus, 4th floor (Arena), Prinzessinnenstr 19-20, 10999, Berlin (map)


Try InfraNodus Text Network Visualization Tool developed by Nodus Labs. You can use it to make sense of disjointed bits and pieces of information, get visual summaries for text documents, and generate insight for your research process:

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a professional amateur who’s had numerous affairs in the fields of arts, music, intersubjective relations, network research and internet business. He’s the founder of ThisIsLike.Com – an online mnenomic network and Nodus Labs – an exploratorium of ideas in the fields of network analysis. Having fled Russia for undefined reasons in 1976 he’s found a temporary refuge in Berlin where he lives in a castle on Spree river and occasionally visits betahaus to steal rocket-fast broadband frequencies.

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