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  • Network Thinking, Polysingularity Approach

    In this 2-hour course on network thinking you will learn how to expand your awareness and enhance your perceptual abilities using the network polysingularity methodology. The essence of this approach is the ability to see the world through the prism of connections, so at the beginning of this course we introduce some basic concepts from network science. You can then use those concepts to learn how to shift perspectives and to be aware of a situation from multiple points of view. This brings more choices both in professional and personal lives as well as helps have a better overview of the situations that one is engaged in.

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  • 8OS Body/Mind Operating System: Learning to Modulate Conflict Dynamics

    In this course you will learn how to modulate conflict dynamics using the concepts and tools derived from nonlinear systems theory, organizational studies, psychology as well as Systema martial art (which is important for experiential understanding and habitual learning of the ideas that we propose) . It will not only help you resolve difficult situations, dangerous encounters, and stalled negotiations, but also offer several strategies and techniques that you can use to cope with excess tension and stress in everyday life. 


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