Social Network Analysis

  • Finding the Right Audience on Tumblr

    Suppose you’re just starting out on Tumblr. How to build your audience in the most efficient way? Obviously, you would want to reach the people who belong to the communities that would be more likely to repost the kind of content. It’s even better if you can also find the main hubs. Using a bit of network data mining and Gephi visualization tool all this can be done in a few minutes and we’ll show you how.

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  • Network Analysis of Russian Protest Groups on Facebook using Gephi and Netvizz

    In this post we will demonstrate how one can analyze any Facebook group or profile using a combination of freely available tools. We will take as an example the recent Russian protest movement against rigged elections. Recently there have been many groups popping up on Facebook bringing people together around certain goals and tasks of the movement: self-organized activist groups producing promo materials, singing petition against Vladimir Putin, organizing demonstration for fair elections in Berlin, Germany.

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  • The Ethics of Networks

    Dmitry Paranyushkin of Nodus Labs was invited to take part in the “settlement” initiated by Vladimir Miller in early January 2011.

    In Vladimir’s own words: “The settlement is a model to engender and structure work, knowledge, events and encounters. In a shared space, the participants function as an open group where questions of territory, negotiation and hospitality in art production surface. […] Between anarchy and the rule of majority the settlement praxis actively searches for a spatialized production of dis-agreement.”

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